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We are a boutique fitness studio in Derby – the only one in the East Midlands in fact. Unique, dynamic and for everyone.

21 Day Online Fat Loss

Looking for a quick boost to your fitness? Want to drop a few pounds or lose a few inches, but don’t fancy hitting the gym? Need help from a Personal Trainer but don’t have the time or budget to book a block of sessions? Can’t get to the gym but you’re bursting to get fit? Want to change bad eating habits but don’t know how?

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Zestfit is dedicated to getting Derby & Derbyshire people fit and healthy. We run hugely successful world-class group exercise classes, bespoke boot camps, online programmes and personal training sessions. We strive to make fitness fun and sustainable for the people in the county with a particular focus on women. We’ve been telling girls they can long before Sport England thought up the campaign.

Kathryn Williams
Proud Owner/Founder & Head PT / Rock Star trainer


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