Boutique Bootcamp

A 4 week program that are results driven and fun! The bootcamp is run quarterly at key times of the year from 9.00-10.00am.

Boutique Bootcamp – what happens and is it for you!

‘Boot camp’ brings to mind drill sergeants barking instructions at tired cadets and putting them through punishing military fitness regimes.

Trust us, you’ll enjoy Zestfit boutique boot camps a whole lot more.

We will educate you on how to build good habits through exercise and clean, healthy eating.  Habits which will last you beyond the end of the course.

The first session starts by taking your measurements and giving you a fitness test.  We will revisit those results at the end of the course to see what progress you’ve made.

You also get an exclusive booklet which will become your fitness bible. This tells you more about the programme, highlights the key do’s and don’ts and gives a selection of recipes for you to follow, plus much more!

The course runs for four weeks on a Sunday, morning.  You will train in a class environment and the workouts have been designed to give you an intense workout, burn fat, maximise weight loss and increase your fitness levels.

You will have access to a private Facebook group with the other members where we share best practises and support throughout the course.

Boutique boot camps are suitable for all fitness levels.

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