Jane from Derby

I’d lost my confidence with regards fitness. I have neck and spine issues and I continue to fight with pain. I turned to alternation medicine and after a year or so the pain is under control. I managed a little jog around the block once a week when no-one was around and slowly but surely I started to think about going to one of ZestFit’s classes. I moved house, met my new neighbour who knows Kat well. She encouraged me to go with her. That was a good 16 weeks ago.

I go to Kat’s popular Total Tone class once a week. I got stronger really fast which enabled me to run more, for longer. Now, a run twice a week 2/3 miles at a time. I could not have done that a year ago.

I love Total Tone, it’s dark, just like being in a club. Kat’s power, speed, and encouragement mean you can’t seem to stop even if your body is telling you too. I don’t take my eyes off her in class because I know her energy makes me work up to my limit and beyond. I leave ready for more!

I’m not sure how the team manages to get the feeling of inclusion across but, I feel just as good & capable as everyone else, no matter if your struggling or total pro – everyone is equal. I personally struggle with anything to do with sit-ups because my spine is fused in various places. But, I just do what I can – no one minds – it’s dark and everyone is concentrating so much they’re not bothered about my flailing around on the floor.

Kat remembers everyone – it’s a very special trait that seems to come effortlessly to her – this, in turn, creates a great vibe. I’ve missed the last 2 weeks for the 1st time since I started… just can’t wait to get back! Thanks, Kat & the Team for bringing me back to life.

Love it xx

Kat from Derby

I walked into Zest Boutique when my baby was only 3 months old…. scared and nervous about getting back into shape, I had no idea what to expect but Kat was so warm and welcoming and put me at ease straight away.I wasn’t sure if I was going to find the motivation to continue on this fitness path, but without fail, every single class, day in day out, week on week, Kat’s sheer enthusiasm makes every class really fun to be part of….

I  went into the 21 day fat loss program as I needed a boost and wanted advice on what I could and couldn’t eat and it ended up completely changing the way I ate. I have lost weight and inches from my body and feel so much better about myself both physically and mentally. Keeping on this healthy fitness path as been made so easy.

The classes are a fun way of getting fit, no one is ever judged by the group, and you are always made to feel welcome whatever your stage of fitness. The advice and support from Kat and her team has been genuinely inspiring and invaluable to my improved fitness and weight loss. I feel great and cannot thank them enough.

Faye from Nottingham

For months I had been trying to talk myself into starting to move more, make better choices in terms of diet and wellbeing. I was the biggest and most self conscious I had been and I was genuinely nervous, scared and overwhelmed to make that first step. When I read in local press Kat, whom I recognised from Moorways classes many moons ago had opened a boutique I rang before I could talk myself out of it.

I decided to book a block to PT sessions to get me started- I just didn’t feel ready to walk into a class on my own not knowing anyone. My first pt was to look around, get my pack, do my measurements, talk through my goals and food diary that I’d done for a few days (quite an eyeopener).For me results were quite slow to start with- I was very inpatient! But Kat encouraged me to keep at it, emailed me home workout and eventually I felt ready to get to class.

I really enjoyed it and didn’t need to worry. Five months in I joined a 4 week bootcamp- it was really tough but I really started to see the results I wanted, the group support had really helped as well as mixing up the classes I was doing. Another three months down the line I’m still having pt with Kat, sometimes Dannie which I genuinely look forward to, I’ve enjoyed several Prosecco Fridays, completed a second bootcamp and signed up for a third.

I’ve managed to lose weight-about 1.5 stone, 15+ inches but importantly feel so much more positive about myself and what works for me to get where I want to be. I really wouldn’t have been able to get where I am without Kat, Dannie and the Zestfit team. I am truly grateful for everything xxx

Amy From Derby

After sustaining an injury during training for last year’s Derby 10 Mile, I was out of action for 6 months. While waiting for the injury to improve I continued with my lifestyle as if I were still running. Resulting in weight gain and total apathy!With a ‘significant’ birthday looming, Kat understood the issues and realism of my plight(!).

During 10 PT sessions over 12 weeks, strengthening, toning, some nutritional re-education, and a whole lot of encouragement pursued. My energy and motivation returned and 12 weeks later I’d shed the excess unwanted inches (and more!) and turned 40 feeling fabulous. Kathryn Williams; Zestfit; You are important. You make a difference.

Thank you!

Lily – Post 21 Day Fat Loss

Just done my measurements and weigh in… 4kg lost and 8 inches. I didn’t really expect to lose much but it just goes to show!!! Going to give myself a little rest this weekend and back on it next week!

So chuffed – Thank you!!

Natalie – Post 21 Day Fat Loss

I’ve lost 5 inches! Think there’s room for a bit more but it’s given me the starting blocks I needed. Loving the classes and the food I’ve actually enjoyed and found easy to follow. Will be carrying it on maybe with a few treats here n there. 
It’s been ace n the motivation I needed.

Thanks Kat for all the pushes n great food ideas but also an ace group, sharing everything along the way has been really good.

On wards n up wards, nom nom! X

Helena – Post 21 Day Fat Loss

Just finished 21 day fat loss with a total of 12.5in lost altogether, what can I say?? I’m so pleased with results and proud of myself. Massive thanks to Kat and Dannie you’ve both been amazing.

Good luck to all you other girls, I hope you’ve all done well.