Dannie Alldread

Zestfit Coach

From a very early age I have always been ambitious, enthusiastic and outgoing in regards to fitness and my career goals.

Having a passion for athletics from the age of 9 years old I ran for my Athletics club, Amber Vally A.C, for 7 years.

Once I got older I found myself being hand picked to compete for Derbyshire, English schools and competing in national, regional and county championships in athletics and cross country across the UK which was awesome.

At the age of 17 I decided I wanted to follow my dream of being a professional dancer, I loved Running so this was a big decision for me. After lots of thinking, I decided to go for it, so that’s what I did, audition after audition I was hungry for it, I got my break when I was 19, my first professional contract. I packed up and left home to pursue my dreams, and the rest is history. I danced all over the world doing what i loved, travelling, experiencing cultures and not forgetting meeting some amazing life long friends on the way.

After having Danced my way around the world I decided I wanted to come home and pursue my love of Health and Fitness, this is where Zestfit comes in.

It has been life changing, I have been working along side Kat for 2 years.

I absolutely love being part of the Zestfit team. The Zestie community is so inspirational to me, I love helping people achieve their goals and teaching women and men how to lead a healthy and realistic lifestyle and still allow yourself that odd glass of fizz! (we’ve all been there)

So with that being said, I am so excited for the future of Zestfit, cheers to many more years to come!

See you in class,
Dannie x