Zestfit boutique turned 1 in April 2018!

Zestfit boutique turned 1 in April 2018! In 2015, my brother-in-law Stephen sadly passed away after suffering from a heart attack. It brought home just how quickly something like this can happen and as a fitness professional it got me thinking about the risks to the people I train. In an environment like the boutique, a defibrilator could make all the difference if anything happened and it’s something we’re really keen to install at the studio. At the same time, after what happened to Stephen, we’ve taken a keen interest in promoting heart health and we’ve become strong supporters of the great work done by the British Heart Foundation to raise awareness and continue its life-saving research.

That’s why we’ve made the British Heart Foundation our chosen charity for the year ahead – and we’re also raising funds to buy a defibrilator for the boutique.

We raised a remarkable £900 and now have our brand new defrib within the boutique.

We want to add beats to your hearts and years to your life!