Whip your upper body into shape with Derby trainer Kathryn Williams

Kathryn Williams, owner of Zestfit based at Unit 7 Perkins yard, in Derby, tells us the benefits of lifting weights.

Remember those 1980s workout videos complete with leg warmers, hot pink leotards and loads of bicep curls? We loved it didn’t we? The music, the vibe and the extreme curly perms!

Thankfully, lifting weights has come a long way for women since those days. Strength training is vital to achieving good health. Regularly working out with weights is a great way to tone your muscles and will strengthen your bones too.

So ladies, it’s time to pick up those dumbbells and start lifting. Forget that old myth that lifting weights makes you bulky, it’s just not true. Make friends with the steel and your mood will be boosted, your bone health will be protected and, even better, you will tone that body of yours.